Are you trying to win the Lottery? Three Questions to Ask Before

Are you trying to win the Lottery? Three Questions to Ask Before

You Buy Any Lottery Winning System
Q: What are the best ways to increase my chances of winning the lottery? What are the best ways to reduce my financial risk and increase my chances of winning the lottery? Is it possible for all lottery winning systems to be equal? If not, why not? Which ones are most likely for me to win? We will be answering 4 common questions before you apply or try a lottery winning system. Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out more!

First, realize THIS is true…because it is:

The 500 million Powerball data sgp jackpot created an enormous online frenzy. Many wishful thinkers were hoping to make it big.

It is not surprising that there are rumors that one of the winners used sophisticated numbers selection software.

However, I have found that most people will never win significant amounts of money by playing the lottery. In fact, many will spend more than they win (or can afford) to chase their dreams.

Question 1: Does the system make sense?

Is there science to it? Is it possible to understand? Are there any other strategies that have been successful than smoke and mirrors and lucrative promises?

Lottery winning programs are often a mix of new age nonsense and old-age nonsense. Many people who believe in them don’t even stop to look.

Question 2: Can I afford it

In 1998, when I was first trying to increase my chances of success, I purchased a program via mail. It cost me several thousand dollars. I could not afford it. I also couldn’t even TEST it. It stated that you needed to have a few thousand dollars in order to run through all the numbers recommended by the program. I was required to do this in my area. Then, your first real ROI would be achieved. They wanted you to have a minimum of 5k to start, in order to make 50K. But I had already spent all of my money on the course and was unable to get out of the gate.

Question 3: Is it FUN?

This is the hardest lesson I have learned over the years. You won’t use the investment approach if you don’t enjoy it. For me, sitting around and doing advanced math and statistics is like a slow, painful death. It hurts my head and I’m not very good at it. Even though I found something math-based that worked wonderfully well for me a few years back, I couldn’t find the energy or motivation to use it.

It’s funny, though

I guarantee that even if you don’t see yourself in any one of these, it will be the same for you. Find something that you truly enjoy, get involved in it, view it as entertainment, not income, and believe in something big. You’ll be surprised at how much life gives you. I promise!)

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