Take time to fully inspect your old laptop

There was a time when a good laptop computer nearly half the price of cheap family car, but today a good entry level modern laptop is likely to cost less than 2 weeks wages (a substantial investment all the same). Old laptops, much like old cars, still can have value and find homes in the UK or abroad. Different laptop users have different requirements and many users in developing nations are happy to use slightly outdated hardware if the price is right.As with selling an old car, getting the most cash for your old laptop is often a balance between time and money; what will offer the most of one whilst using up the least of the other?A range of options exist to sell old laptops for cash but which is right for you and your laptop? Cash For Cars Sydney

Selling your laptop privately usually offers the most money but will likely take the most effort and time. eBay and private ad listings like Craigslist, allow you to market your laptop to a huge potential group of buyers. However, buyers visit these sites to find a bargain and eBay will take up 15% of the sale price in fees, so the money that will finally end up in your pocket can be difficult to guarantee.Preparing a laptop for private sale is essential to achieve the best price. It is important to take a good image of the laptop looking its best. Cleaning your laptop and presenting it correctly is also essential. Take time to fully inspect your old laptop for any noticeable marks, dents or cracks; this information is important to avoid mis-representing you item when listing it online.Be aware of data security and selling scams. It may be advisable to remove your hard drive prior to selling it. This will reduce the re-sale value but protect your personal information.In recent years many companies have begun to offer to buy your old laptop for cash. These gadget recycling websites offer an instant online quote and will usually arrange to collect the laptop from you free of charge. These sites will usually offer less money eBay or other private sale methods, but what advantages do they offer?